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Manuscript Corrections

The following are corrections to the manuscript:

Page 56, first sentence: Change ‘Spring’ to ‘Springtown’…was from [Springtown] Texas, not too far north of Cleburne where Bryan had been born and raised.



Page 57, third paragraph: Rewrite

After his graduation, Bryan was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington [where he was assigned to the 24th Infantry Division, Deuce-Four, before his first deployment to Iraq in 2004.]



Page 59: Fifth paragraph, fourth sentence: Rewrite

Bryan was assigned to the [4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment for his second deployment to Iraq.]


Page 164, 4th paragraph, first sentence:  Add comma after ‘Dallas’ delete ‘and’

As Beth and I were leaving Snowball Express in Dallas[, and] I noticed a police cruiser following closely behind me.


Page 169, Block with the names of the fallen, last line ‘Falukner’ should be spelled ‘Faulkner’

Private First Class Jeremy P. [Faulkner,] 23 years old, of Griffin, Georgia.

My apologies for the errors. Terry A. Burgess Aug. 6, 2019


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