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When Our Blue Star Turned Gold chronicles the life of the Burgess family after their son, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Bryan A. Burgess, is killed in combat in Afghanistan. This book is also dedicated to educate the reader on the families left behind when their hero pays the ultimate price for freedom.

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On Behalf of a Grateful Nation


Meet author and speaker Terry Burgess whose son Army Staff Sergeant Bryan A. Burgess of the 101st Airborne was killed during a Taliban ambush in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.


Events and opportunities for Gold Star Families to connect and be supported throughout the year
and across the Nation.


An on-going list of organizations which offer support and resources for Gold Star Families.

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The Flag Line

Standing the Patriot Guard Riders’ Flag Line is one of the most somber experiences I’ve ever had.

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Where We Can Talk

Who remembers Joan Rivers and her trademark, “Can We Talk?”
There are places we just can’t talk about Bryan. There are other places where it’s a totally normal conversation talking about the fire fight and the wounds that took his life.

Not your normal waiting room conversation starter.

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Going thru the TSA x-ray screening at DFW for a flight to South Dakota got my suitcase pulled over for inspection. We had packed the usual; clothes, hairdryer, toiletries, razors, power supplies, battery packs and charging cords, so I really wasn’t that surprised…until the TSA agent pulled out the six books I had packed.

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This website When Our Blue Star Turned Gold tells SSG Bryan A. Burgess’s story to honor his sacrifice while helping other Gold Star families navigate their own journeys and inspire them to tell their stories so others will understand and appreciate the true cost of freedom. 

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